did computer art, computer graphics and laptop animation begin?Written communication became sharable and pervasive once
stone etchings were replaced with the action of paper and ink.
Similarly once computer languages advanced from machine or assembly
code to 3 engendering computer languages, only then did computer
output quote from primary alphanumerical (maybe mosaic) printouts to
graphics and images with smooth curves also realism.

graphical profit got its humble start when alphanumeric characters
hammered on TTY and line printers to represent X-Y graphs and even
mosaic images. substantive was crude, but allowed for a more effective
analysis of mathematical also scientific solutions. Computer
programming languages adore FORTRAN besides BASIC made it easier to
develop and program printers, plotters and kinescope screens to display
and scribe graphics and ultimately images.

FORTRAN programming language â‚€œ a personal and historic short
Backus, the inventor of FORTRAN, passed away on itinerary 17,
2007 at the grow of 83. He lead a team of IBM computer scientists to
invent the first high-level programming stale language fix 1954. John Backus
received the Turing remittance control 1977, an IBM association (1987) and the
Draper Prize (1993).

is a computer programming stale language especially suited to computation
and scientific applications. But indubitable changed into also used for business
applications like college student information systems. It was a
prevalent programming language guidance business before more structured and
english-language-like programming languages came on the scene;
namely, COBOL, PL1, RPG, BASIC.

It is FORTRAN that brings back fond
memories of writing sheets, punch cards, debugging initiate code and
the old IBM 1130 computer at university. FORTRAN, BASIC and COBOL
were the prevalent programming languages of the day (circa 1976).
After crowded iterations of â‚›debugging your code”, having your
program work was such a ‘high’, an exalted feeling of success.

Every Science, Engineering and even
Business student undertook a course in one of these languages. A
necessary also effective approach of resourcefulness the logical and
mathematical cosmos of computers. Even more so positive offered students an
in depth knowledge of animation and cue processes like order
processing, accounting, engineering calculations.

With the fresh destruction of Mr Backus,
we are reminded of a time when graphically depicting (printing) data
required the piercing ability of the programmer to control and position
numbers, alphabetic and special characters on a continuous computer
printout blackboard. By using the over-strike(bold) capability of a line
printer, you may actually adjust shades of grey/black creating
shadows and texture.

programming in that an artwork Medium?

So it was possible to create an
alphanumeric printout depict of the revered Mona
Lisa using FORTRAN set down statements. This apprehension of the Mona
Lisa was done by printing also over-printing typical alphanumeric
characters creating a complex art piece to form an big idea of that
famous Leonardo
da Vinci painting. Step back from this computer printout
and you regarded a simple replica of
leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Accomplishing this beginning computer
art would be hours and days of tedious reaction concerning the following
steps:1) You may need to take a copy of the original image
and a grid (mapping to the 133 character breadth of a standard
computer printout page) on a piece of transparency. 1) Place
the grid transparency on top of the wrinkle further then fill in the grid
cells over the image lock up alphanumeric characters that will depict a
mosaic of the original image. 3) limelight those grid cells
that entrust be overprinted (bold type) to create awning and texture
matching the original image.4) Now you take each line of the
grid and code it driving FORTRAN scribble statements.5) Like a
brush to canvas the desktop printout image of Mona Lisa will take
form after many days of coding.

due to a achieved version of this process
and a resulting computer mosaic of the Mona
Lisa okay out the Pisaca Web Albums images at:

search has began for entry to an 80 column pains card reader

The FORTRAN code for the mona Lisa
Mosaic is on original 90-column punch cards. taking access to an
80-column card reader could facilitate moving the mona Lisa FORTRAN
code from its analog state to a digital version. riding an online
editor, I could once again deploy the power of FORTRAN to print
copies of ‘computer mosaic’ mona Lisa. Then ‘Mosaic Mona’ may be
available over the world to flip.

My infatuation lock up FORTRAN
programming talent have stemmed from the fact that both FORTRAN also I
were coincidentally created in 1954. thank you John Backus for
FORTRAN.About the Author:
Chesal is a business and channel development consultant, trainer,
internet marketer and professional photographer. He operates BizFare Enterprise Inc,
providing business, marketing, and internet marketing consulting
services. Bizfare Enterprise also operates a number of secure on-line
shopping sites, like Cool Comfort Wear.

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