Where the hell was Naina? Why deb was not answering

Where the hell was Naina? Why deb was not answering her call? Kajal was tired and not drag one of the just moods. She was still not sure why sis changed into miff. She was trying to call Naina so mademoiselle won€™t cook anything also they could have takeout and she€™ll deliver brownies. She essential to eat chocolate, lots and lots of it. But hell! Naina become not answering to her calls. maybe she was on duty leadership alacrity or meeting, her mind countered her with a not pricey reply. Grudgingly she approved heartfelt and messaged the prone to her, after her work hours she was standing at the bus stop but her charabanc was no longer coming own. All people standing with her had gone, babe should have come apart in a rickshaw however no she didn€™t to spend too much. So here she became standing alone at the bus stop.

A bike came besides stopped just in showboat of her, she left out it. thus the guy removed the helmet, it was Sujit.

“Get on the bike.” He ordered.

She had recognized his motorbike but ignored irrefutable. [she recognized the bike because again then she had memorized his authorise plate no. which proved dame was crazy before] in fact she might be as also {Crazed} as just looking at him her heart rate spiked. She disregarded him as if he had not said anything else. A charabanc came from behind and Sujit had to move his motorcycle. So he took bona fide little ahead.

“Kajal, stop seeing stubborn and come with me.”

She was still ignoring him, further babe saw her bus coming in. damsel smirked at Sujit and caught his smile. The smile was advanced smile, which he sole did when he leading to say he changed into good. Confused she regarded at her bus. Her mouth fell open, as the bus changed into full packed and there were americans position at the entry of the bus.

With her probe lonely she walked towards Sujit and climbed on the bike with him. but she didn€™t hold him. Sujit noted that. She was at peace stubborn that€™s what Sujit thought. If that bus had not come packed till now they both would consider been attitude there at the bus stop. He had made a point to leave on time so he could meet her again finish off what he had started in their lunch break. She always loved riding on the bike, Neelam always told him that he drove too fast. but with Kajal. Faster the better, she enjoyed corporal. Now he turned into going on a moderate speed but she was still not touching him. Making a outcome he rode a curve immensely closely and as expected her hands came at his waist. Satisfied with his work he drove on with a smile. Because of the helmet Kajal by no means adage Suji€™t grinning face.

He stopped the bike on the gate of her building, she got homeless fast and was mumbling Thank you but he stopped her by holding her hand.

“Stop lanky from me Kajal. You need to face me any or the other day.” He said it softly.
And that compressibility stopped her, cupcake stood facing him. He had removed his helmet and there was something in his eyes she might not manifest. Loneliness, no it can€™t be, that guy became married after all.

“Fine Sujit. I am not running, tell me what you wanted to ask.” Kajal said in her most grown up voice and stood there. With her hand still in his hand she stood with through much dignity she had. He just smiled at her and turned her hand and kissed her palm lavishly. Kajal€™s jaws hung open, maiden had by no means thought he would get done this, and it would suppose so good. She looked at him to found that the scum was smiling at her, her entrance was still institute. He simply pulled her close and with the unshackle hand blocked her open mouth. Before she could run pdq and taking advantage of her bowled over stratum he took hold of her clashing service also.

“This is only a start what I want to do to you. Do you even hold an idea what hell I had been being when you went?” Sujit told her in his markedly reasonable tone. “I agree we each were confused and emotive reserve each other, but you were my culminating friend. How could you just cede my life that way? You by no means thought about me, I needed you Kajal and you were not there.”

There was pain in his voice which made her look up at his face, sis saw the pain in his eyes also. How could she tell him that tomato had to commit or else there would think been no friendship. Distance was the reserved option, as cutie also didn€™t want to hear that the kiss was a mistake. May reproduce that€™s why she went directly coming the kiss happened, so he could not make excuses. spring chicken would not yield at the harm and loneliness power his voice. maiden straightened herself and tried to sound like her mother when she is angry.

“Look Sujit, whatever happened that evening is history. You should concentrate on your wife and family. You think Neelam will have fun what you are doing right now? The reason I left is that I didn€™t want come significance between you further Neelam. I reposing don€™t want to” Kajal finished and was little imperious that she didn€™t show her real trance and veritable was delivered nicely. To her surprise {and disappointment}, Sujit had released her hands and his eyes were hard, too hard.

“I see, so this is what you think of me. What happened Kajal become that we kissed, you always appear to have another pipeline for it. Accept it that we kissed and damn solid I liked it, I liked it since much that I needed to do it again and lots more. Which made me guilty, and you would never know this as that night I had decided that passion changed into not cash compared to my ace friend. I was planning to tell you and make a joke about it, so we’ll be comfortable again. But you just disappeared, I actually had to search also ask people to find outermost that you had settled out of Mumbai. So the time we spent together was nothing to you.

What achieve you think, I was happy about the fact that I chief to make love to my best friend who become too young for me and when I was MARRIED.” fagged out Sujit combed his hair in frustration and continued, “The reason I said I needed my friend was that, after you disconsolate I accepted it that it was because good that you by oneself and became going to forget, no are attempting to forget the kiss. seeing you were not known I spent days in criminalism that I ruined our passion however I had hoped that you might contact me. I also started making plans to talk to Neelam about starting the family. But one fine day, Neelam came and told me that she was consequence love with one of the pilots she worked with and she wanted a divorce.” Sujit stopped to see Kajal€™s reaction, which became as he had hoped.

“Yes, Kajal. We divorced and Neelam left me alone. and my friend was not polished when I needed her. You were no longer there Kajal when I prerequisite you the most further you hurt me more than Neelam. At least she told me the truth further left me inconsistent you, who never told me the rest and true disappeared. so what do you think being Kajal about the kiss. Now learned is no Neelam also, you want to run again from me? Think approximately what I said” After saying this Sujit put on his helmet and started the bike and drove off.

Kajal was in order standing control shock trying to conclude so she never noticed a car coming and stopping at some distance. It would have bowled over her more as Rutesh besides Naina were in the car………..

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