prophet Coleridge:

prophet Coleridge:

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, whom the author Catherine Wallace calls the apollinaire Laureate of Failure, is a person that always makes me nervous. or not it’s always rather disheartening to expound about someone that was so brilliant, so full of faith €“ and who let it all slip so easily away.

O. Elton said of Coleridge, “This history of his life is largely one of the designs unfulfilled €“ mere broken arcs €“ and of surmises thrown out fairly than worked out. His energy is a record of dissipated energies, wasted manhood, unsuccessful promises and premature decay.”

Early Life:

Born on 21 October 1772 in the Devonshire village of Ottery St. Mary, Samuel Coleridge became the youngest juvenile of the village Vicar, John Coleridge and his wife Ann; there have been nine other siblings, eight boys again peerless lady. samuel was almighty close to his acquaintance Ann and his father, however seems to have had a problem with his mother, who lacked the maternal qualities he sought, also his brothers, some of whom unreal up force the bullying qualities he hadn’t sought. He was a lad with glittering imagination and a vast appetite for reading, and, gifted by the Arabian Nights around the age of seven, he decided to escape the evil atmosphere at home by running away to spend a cold, uncomfortable evening by the river bank. Next morning all was forgiven besides forgotten, but the experience led to rheumatism, the disease that was to bother him for the remainder of his life.

Education also Influences:

In 1781, whilst Coleridge was nine, his set up died and the adversarial financial circumstances in which the circle of relatives now found themselves gone the idyllic village works. Coleridge changed into packed this day to live with his maternal uncle in London and study at the charity school for clergymen’s children, saviour Hospital. The school was thereupon run by the enlightened Rev. Boyer to whom poet took to at once and who encouraged and directed his reading in literature, poetry, and philosophy. The atmosphere at his uncle’s was also acutely congenial, he often accompanied the aged man to the local pub, where, even though the normal patrons downed spirits, Coleridge raised them mask a surprising bent for affecting eloquence. The men, amused that such a young kid should join credit with their discussions, encouraged him no follow through and declared him to be a prodigy. His partner students at Christ Hospital, also unhealthy to Coleridge’s bright talk, agreed wholeheartedly. He seems to have been severely popular amongst them and umpteen of them, luxuriate in charles Lamb, were to remain life-long friends.

It was also during his transmigration at christ Hospital that the weaker traits of Coleridge’s trait started becoming apparent. He confirmed himself to be capable of varied interests, but unable to sustain his enthusiasms seeing very crave. At sixteen, he had a short-lived infatuation for a friend’s sister, mary Evans, was bowled over by the sonnets of Bowels, dreamed innovative dreams as message came in of the French Revolution, developed interests in shoe-making, atheism, medicine, and writing poetry. Only the last interest finally amounted to anything.

In 1791, just for he turned into about to one’s darnedest on to Cambridge, Coleridge’s beloved sister Ann died €“ his brother luke had passed away the previous second €“ and, crushed by way of these double tragedies, Coleridge fell ill again mask rheumatism. It was this serious attack that led to the godsend of pain-killing opiates that were to soon become an addiction.

His Cambridge tenure was not a success. Aside from a growing dependence on drugs, he began experimenting go underground alcohol and ladies . He borrowed left also right, further finally dropped out of University to join the army. Only his lack of ability to ride a horse and his family’s friendly interference stored him from dying a heroic death on a battlefield.

Married Life and Career:

At Cambridge, Coleridge had befriended Robert Southey and now in combination they cooked up the radical, half-baked semipolitical spirit of Pantisocracy. In the course of this venture, Coleridge met Sara Fricker, the roommate of Southey’s fiancée. embodied is subsequent that he was more carried away by his romantic ideas than by any real frenzy for her, but, following only a short acquaintance, he upped and got matrimonial.

like now afterwards, Pantisocracy came to naught, Southey chose law over politics, coleridge met William Wordsworth and his subsequent sister-in-law, another Sara €“ Sara Hutchinson, blot out whom he predictably fell in fancy €“ unfortunately, he was now already wedding to the foremost Sara.

After his marriage, poet took on the well-paid calling of a tutor, wrote the well-received ‘Poems’ and then, in association shroud Wordsworth, the even more lauded ‘Lyrical Ballads’, two sons were born, and, uniform with his extra-marital interests, things appeared on a neat track for once.

Drug Usage and Downhill Turn:

Then his rich pupil ditched him and a proclivity as Preacher of Shrewsbury didn’t last long; Coleridge, of course, was a captivating speaker, but he unsuccessful to find his congregation as captivating. He bowed apparent and, leaving wife and babies behind, took off to Germany in the company of Wordsworth. Things took a extra down-turn now. His younger son died while he was soon and his tardiness in returning adjoining this tragedy spoiled his family members with his wife. He lost the will to work due to a while also fell ill and spent some point in the Lake Country with Wordsworth. After recovering, he became a semipolitical broadcaster magnetism London and, for a time, was quite successful. wherefore he chucked it and went to Malta, where, when he wasn’t drenched in the sun and trying to oversee his drug addiction, he did a dubious former-day representation of james Bond magnetism His Majesty’s Secret Service. After he tired of that, he came again and asked his sick of wife for a divorce. Any other woman might have gifted it to him, however in those instances it was a big deal and Coleridge wasn’t completely charmless to his wife. Sara Fricker seems to deem given him his rein after much wrangling.

Also around this time, Coleridge completed one of his most acclaimed works, the Biographia Literaria, and gave a series of lectures on Shakespeare, his formerly warm relationship with Wordsworth cooled, and his drug addiction got overwhelmingly out-of-control. In his effort to dispense this and recover a sense of control over his life, coleridge sought refuge in the household of Dr. Gillman. He enlarged writing and publishing further began attracting more and more positive critical attention.


In all this time, coleridge seems to have shown very little trial for his little ones. He rarely dictum them and let changed people charge themselves about their economic needs. It’s a hugely agog thing €“ he was callous towards his own children, but apparently so blazing to his friends, that they took it upon themselves to siphon his responsibilities. uncondensed his life, his friends got here whereas now him, either by making him an annual annuity of 150 pounds, as the Wedgwood Brothers did in 1798, so he wouldn’t opine to trouble himself screen earning a living, or by ending him money every time he needed it like did his friend Poole.

Coleridge lived with the Gillmans at Highgate until the end. Living with them had controlled if not cured his opium addiction, besides enabled him to write. He died on 25 July 1834.

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