Days and night went in a blur for Naina, They

Days and night went in a blur for Naina, They spent the days going to Bhushi dam, Valvan dam, lonavala lake, and so multitudinous other locations. Everything was great as she was with Rutesh. They had spent the first day sightseeing, second day till salutation they strolled with hand supremacy hand. Naina changed into regretting that they had to leave today night, she had taken a leave since Monday. But they had to check out and the arrangements were made, however she requisite to spend time with him single. She knew she was being typical but couldn€™t help it. The situation they had together changed into too precious in that her, they had decided to go in the market to engage any gifts. After lunch Rutesh had gone to make their leaving arrangements, and she had mythical any leftover packing. debutante turned when tomboy heard the entranceway open, Rutesh came drag the room.

“So all set ready to leave?” Rutesh casually asked Naina. He was waiting now evening to get over so he could propose to her. He had false arrangements for the comfortable dinner and then a stroll outside and then he may tell her to share her plan with him.

“Yup” Naina took her purse again got up to leave. “Come, let€™s go” She started towards the door but was stopped as Rutesh was standing at the door. She looked up at him, “What? You changed you mind seeing. You know you can€™t let€™s go”

He just turned her, “No, I have no longer changed my mind. You just go further grab you mantle then we are ready to leave” Naina made a face at him, tried the pout as true appeared to work on him. But he just shook his head, sighing she went for her shawl. It was true the pressure the evenings there became a quite a bit of chill, however it was boring to carry the shawl.

They both went out, waving again smiling at the mismatched guests. She remembered the first day after she had got development they had show for meal and she had noticed a number of couple grinning naughtily at them. After getting few smiles she had became and requested Rutesh if something was wrong with her. And told him about the smiles, he looked at her totally again then laughed. When she had pestered him approximately it, he had showed her the love bites on her neck which was the agreement of their early charge. nymph had been too embarrassed to face anyone else also asked him to return to the hotel. But Rutesh being Rutesh had hugged her besides asked her how long will schoolgirl stay interior as she might get more businessman because they were indoors. in fact let€™s say that had changed her belief.

They used the cab to go to the market, It was a bit crowded as evening legion people had come to ramble besides many had come to do the shopping. Weekends wre usually big on those places as copious circle of relatives or couples come for the small holiday.

They had purchased the sweets called “Chicki” in different varieties, some of Kajal€™s favorites. Well that they both had purchased as they knew their Kajal. There changed into not much of other things to purchase, mild they browsed with Rutesh€™s hand on her shoulder and lassie was draped in her shawl. They were just strolling lazily with no revive to go soon, suddenly Rutesh stopped.

Naina looked at him and was planning to ask him why he stopped but he heard the reason.

“Kajal, what are you actuality here. What a surprise!” further Naina saw Kajal in her jeans and a sweater making her appearance enjoy a teddy bear obscure a guy€™s hand on her waist. Kajal was shell-shocked opportune like herself. quite the guy was not showing that many constitution. Even they had done any shopping and gave the impression to body apt strolling like them. And it struck her, like them meant they were having an outfit just like bird and Rutesh. Kajal was looking at Rutesh but not at her nor at his partner, Naina noticed it.

in consequence did Sujit.

The guys came ahead further announced both other as the girls have been now not moving from their place. Sujit knew Rutesh, he had heard a class about him from Kajal. He had been a little jealous before, only a little. however being seeing him with Naina, he knew a relationship when he saw one. regardless of of the girls still standing there, they both started talking to each other.

Kajal recovered culminating and came ahead to slant next to Sujit and punched Rutesh on the arm.
“You couldn€™t delineate me you were coming here” It was talked about calmly and taken the trim way.

But guys have to be guys Sujit€™s hand went to her waist and Ruetsh took the message.

Rubbing his arm Rutesh smiled at Kajal, “Well I can say the level to you, however I thought Naina must have told you”

That was the first time Kajal and Naina looked at each other, “No, Naina didn€™t draw me” Kajal replied Rutesh but was looking at Naina.

Naina swallowed and came to prejudice next to Rutesh, “Well I was not aware of the location till he brought me here. accordingly Kajal when did you make a decision to materialize here?” Naina knew she was attempting to shift the blame but who cared. This sudden onslaught had befuddled her off balance, maiden had planned to tell her a soon as maid reached home. But if the truth was told, she was relieved to see Kajal with that guy.

Rutesh had sensed the strife between Naina and Kajal, however this changed into not the juncture to discuss that. They chatted for some time and went their way for both couples were jumping-off place in the night.

Naina knew that Rutesh was relate with her, she tried to recount herself he€™ll understand but some part of her heart was scared too afraid. They reached the even break in silence, if anyone noticed them would never guess that something was amiss between them.

When they reached the room, Naina went for her packing. gal began keeping the stuff they bought prestige their bag. They have been purported to go to dinner and in consequence leave, Naina hated confrontation so she ignored it.

She knew she was being a coward, but daughter didn€™t care. She heard Rutesh drawing near pressure the room to stand. bird changed into packing whereas him also, her hand stilled when she heard him.

“so while had you planned to dump me?” Rutesh said an top in his jaw. To his satisfaction he dictum her hand stilled. He was harm also angry, and wanted to hurt her. But he had to perceive why, what he had told her was his worst fear. And he had to get evident away from him, and so he had thrown the interrogate at her to study how she reacts.

Well at incipient she looked hurt whilst he had requested her, so that wasn€™t her intention. considering he imperative to have information why?

“Answer me Naina” Rutesh once again requested her, Naina was looking at the packets rule her hand. She looked at Rutesh he changed into temperament to the door tuck away his hands folded.

“Rutesh I know I lied to you and to Kajal, but I wasn€™t planning to dump you” Naina put the matters access the agility and sat on the bed.

“No, so I wasn€™t a fling to you? Then what am I to you? Why your colleague didn€™t know approximately us?” Rutesh became controlling his flap but the damage and emotions were threatening.

“Answer me Naina, Why didn€™t you tell her? I have to know”

“I thought that maybe Kajal had feelings for you” now soon as she talked about it Rutesh came and crouched in front of her. He didn€™t touch her, well she wanted his change. daughter had become so used to his touch, that over also she wanted him to comfort her.

“After being stash me, after listening to me you rural conception that” She maxim the harm in his eyes again wanted to erase the pain.

“No, no. now not you but I thought Kajal must feel something for you. forasmuch as I waited, I become going to tell her when we reached Mumbai. I didn€™t want to split her heart Rutesh. You apprehend what she means to me”

Rutesh got enlargement and went to the window, “And what do I mean to you Naina?”

“See Rutesh, let€™s now not fight over bona fide. It wouldn€™t have been a mystery individual from Kajal. besides I never thought we might be together for this much time to tell her”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth she regretted honest. Rutesh turned to her now “Explain” He said only that word however she knew what she had done.

Gathering her courage she straightened, “Let€™s be practical. What we have is an affair, and it can end anytime.” Naina had to trust her words as Rutesh had again come to her further crouched in front of her. There was so much hurt money his eyes that she wanted to hug him and forget everything.

“Affair to end” he rent disbelief evident in his voice, “I love you Naina. I want to marry you. I was making plans to advance you tonight. And you are effectual me that you thought we were true having an affair.”

Marriage and covetousness from him, she was impression fool around. He can€™t mean that, no he cannot plan to marry her. They were so different besides his family, however she wanted to change it badly.

“Rutesh we can€™t marry. Your family won€™t approve of me. First of thorough we both are from a different caste and wherefore you” Naina couldn€™t continue since the hurt look in Rutesh€™s eyes had come and was so glistening that she tried to involve him but he retreated also got reinforcing. That hurt, it actually sliced her heart.

“Forget my family Naina, let€™s worry about the bride now. You just big idea that I was having an affair with you and we€™ll split mastery some circumstance. The differences you are serving me are first objection from you and not my family. If it came to that I will sort present external cloak my family if you are screen me. But right here you are already no longer with me. All the occasion we spent together meant nothing to you, it changed into only a distraction to you. Forget kajal, I obligation bet through that you haven€™t told anyone about us” He saw the hurt in her eyes.

“Yeah you are rightful. Only Susan knows about us. But can€™t you see how different we are. You are fair and I am black. How can we have a future together? You can get the most attractive girl you want. Why may you want to marry me?

“Because I love you damn it, and the reasons I solicitude you don€™t demand me now. And what hell does veritable causation if you are black or brown and I don€™t want any individual spring chicken. I LOVE YOU”

Naina was in tears now, no peerless had told her that before. And she became crying as a result of sensible was over, finally the moment she was dreading had come out. lassie can’t let him make this mistake, she won€™t.

So she grew to become away from him, “Let€™s go”

Rutesh had too an awful lot pride not to, so he went. She didn€™t want his love so he won€™t give. He took the bags from her and went to visible of the room.

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