Aargh!!! pacific down! Kajal ordered herself; she was standing in

Aargh!!! pacific down! Kajal ordered herself; she was standing in front of the return ready to go to the reunion. Hell she was bag of nerves for no rattling reason (debutante assured herself). She looked herself grease the mirror severely; she had chosen simple jeans and a white T shirt. Hair have been constrained in a ponytail and no change in jewelery, simple meagre gold hoops in her ears. various people had advised her to pierce her ears apart from the regulars but filly was terrified of needles. She could prefer medicine any day then needles. OK, no delays she was ready she took her wallet again troglodytic the room.

Naina was seated in the conscious room on their couch obscure her legs stretched in arrangement. canary was laughing at one of the jokes said on the TV.

Kajal went besides stood prominence front of Naina, so she was impact between Naina and the TV.

“Naina, I am asking owing to the last time are you coming hold back me? Kajal asked her with her hands on her hips.

After a moment Naina looked at Kajal and mentioned “Kajal I am also telling you for the last time that I am not coming. and why are you so afraid of going alone?”

Naina precept the fury on Kajal€™s face but ignored it, “Now move and let me rule me my TV”

“You know what, I made a mistake by thinking you might want to go out with me. We would have fun and on top of that you know all my friends. thereupon I mock you may not feel awkward around them but no.”

Naina was watching Kajal and knew that she was angry whereas piece had started tempo also was still talking. She had to end something.

“All you want to finish is stay home besides watch this stupid TV.” Kajal was still talking when Naina got up and took think of Kajal€™s shoulder and made her stand in one shot place.

“Look, I know you want me to come further yes I be learned all of your friends. But you are meeting them after 5 years, so you meet them today and remember historic times. Now you are in mumbai only we€™ll hangout later together.” Naina finished.

Kajal appeared at Naina, and knew that that Naina had made her thesis also no surmise would transform her mind. She would take her out and commit begin planning today itself.

“Okay, I€™ll attack ALONE today, you finish watching the fool box also therefore have dinner. Don€™t wait growing being me” Kajal hurriedly finished through Naina become smiling again pushing her towards the door.

“Okay Mom, you don€™t be concerned about me and Enjoy. Say HI to your friends from me” Naina said the last vocabulary gave Kajal door keys and gave a last shove towards the door.

Smiling Naina closed the door, also saturday again on the sofa. The TV was on but she was not interested in it. She was a coward further that is why she did not go with Kajal. virgin wanted to muse Rutesh desperately but she become afraid of Rutesh€™s reaction to Kajal after seeing her a long time. What if he proposed to her, she was no longer that brave to witness it. in consequence she took the coward€™s path and didn€™t go, so she would wait till Kajal came back and will ask her what happened at the reunion.
On the other hand, Kajal was on the way to her college. Her college was just a 30 mins drive away, so she took a rickshaw and turned into seated and ready to perform her college. She was remembering all her days she had enjoyed in college and how she missed them. cutie remembered her friends

Poonam €“ A south Indian girl with a mass of rolled black hair and with no common sense.

Smita €“ A delicate looking girl, however brilliant in studies and too toss for her own good.

Komal €“ A chubby looking girl with a very loud voice and shot temper.

Kaustubh €“ With 6.1″ height, dark and marvelous but no brains and weakness for girls.

Rutesh €“ Average height, awesome complexion and beautiful eyes love intelligent.

Before nymphet could finish her thoughts, she was in front of her college gates. She paid the driver and stood there looking at the lane. everything was the same but still changed, the old shops were changed according to extended youth preference. chums have been still gathered, and there were jokes, laughing all the things they had done. She walked internal the gates, and crack was her faculty . It was a huge 3 storey building spread in a large area. College had a ground in front of the college, which was used for various sports. Today there become a camp prepared for the reunion, food stalls were set up and some people had started eating as well. She was walking slowly in the ground, there were many similar faces looking at her recognizing her, she smiled at them.

“KAJAL”A flashy scream from the left corner made her look there, of course trained were varied Kajal in her faculty but she diagnosed that voice, it belonged to Komal all rightful. Her whole enchilada gang became head-set and waving her to check in. All the tension, nerves and doubts were forgotten. Before she could reach them, Komal besides Poonam ran against her and one by one hugged her hard. They each were talking together, so real was difficult to understand what they were saying.

Tugging her alongside Komal and Poonam led her towards the group, there Smita, Kaustubh, and Rutesh were ready for her. She hugged everybody however when she came in front Rutesh, she halted as he turned into never keen on this gestures, But as she become so happy that schoolgirl went and gave him a bring hug which he accepted also.

coterminous that she stood and stated “It€™s good to be back guys, Oh1 I cast away you hence much”

“We also missed you a lot” This came from Kaustubh.

“So how are you? What are you doing nowadays? Where are you staying? Your parent€™s have come with you?”

All these questions were directed towards her through all of them. Instead of answering Kajal stood and started laughing.

“Are you going to answer us today?” Komal asked Kajal.

“Well, as you can see I am fit again fine. I deem a calling and just got transferred to Mumbai. I am staying ditch Naina my cousin, you guys remember her germane. And no I have come alone, my mom and daddy are still control Baroda. ”

“Done so I answered exhaustive your questions, now communicate me what€™s commotion in your lives.” Kajal requested her friends.

Before they begin answer together the access they started questions together, Rutesh took things rule his hands as usual besides led them towards chairs where they would sit and chat.

After some hours€€€€€€€€€€

Kajal was tired but happy, her jaws should be tired but it was not. She was at all times a chatter box but today according to her she must have created a record for talking so much. She considering knew that none of her friends were engaged, but Komal was seeing someone, and Poonam was almost engaged to a south Indian guy. Kaustubh was also seeing someone that she had known when she was shelter them but surprisingly he was still with her only. Rutesh and Smita were still single. Wasn€™t that a radiant co incidence, well it was long again but Smita had a HUGE CRUSH on Rutesh and each person money the group knew certain but no one talked about veritable in that if it was a BIG riddle. Now looking at Smita, Kajal could remember the day when Smita had published feelings over Rutesh, Poonam, Komal and herself and we were more than excited, a love pair in our group only. also we additionally had a vow no longer to tell anyone about it, whence we tried all the techniques to get them together. But somehow Rutesh always thought of Smita as a friend not more than that but at the same time crackerjack was a special bond between herself also Rutesh, which Smita had never understood. Right owing to in Smita€™s optics she was an intruder who will come in between Smita and Rutesh. however who commit describe her that Rutesh never thought of Smita or Kajal supplementary than a friend? Kajal herself had first consideration of clarifying to her but whenever she would start the topic, smita would close the dialog. After a point queen stopped trying, yeah she had hoped that Rutesh should reciprocate smita€™s feelings but you can€™t plan them.

“So, how is Naina” Rutesh Asked and stopped Kaja€™s thoughts.
Kajal turned to look at Rutesh again smiled, “Naina is great; I had insisted that she break through. But she you have how sturbbon female restraint be. however don€™t be anxious I€™ll make her come with us ultimate time.”

“Yeah, she always thought too a great deal. So she started seeing anyone?” Rutesh asked Kajal.

Kajal changed into not surprised, Rutesh always used to ask questions approximately Naina. Usual questions, about her job, and her health. Even when lady became in Baroda, skirt was sway touch go underground her friends through mail. Rutesh would ask her about Naina. She once teased him about it also and Rutesh blushed, his integrated outside red. Now also while he asked her about Naina€™s social life he was not meeting her eyes.

“Kajal, You voracity me no?” Again her thoughts were discontinued by means of Kaustubh.

Confused at this pump she looked at him, “What is it Kaustubh?” she requested him.

“No man, just like that. I am your friend no” Kaustubh replied looking too nervous, in between the sentence kaustubh was shopping at the college gate. Kajal knew Kaustubh well, he had completed something but what.

“What have you achieved Kaustubh?” Slowly she asked kaustubh.
Now he appeared too nervous, and started to get ongoing but Rutesh made him sit once again. and Rutesh was smiling, which means he knew what Kaustubh had done.

Sure Kaustubh had made a blunder, she asked him again, “KAUSTUBH, WHAT accredit YOU DONE ANSWER ME?”

“Tell her” Rutesh ordered.

“”Hhhmmmmm, it€™s nothing, Actually” kaustubh replied.

“Whatever it is I desire to know it, So spill it. Or perfect you want me to go to Shraddha with that fling you had with that girl” Kajal threatened Kaustubh. Which labored as now he was frightened, Shraddha was his girlfriend considering college but as girls were his fervor he had dated some offbeat girls also. She and Rutesh knew that and whenever required blackmailed him with it.

“No, Don€™t tell her anything. She€™ll kill me individual. set don€™t do anything okay, bear in mind you love me. The occupation is you remember Karthik?” whilst Kajal nodded he continued.

“Well, remember how you had a BIG crush on him and after asking so many people you had done friendship with him.”

“Yeah, I know. He was my first crush but till the time we became friends I turned into over him. So?”

“hhhmmmm, I met him that day and we have been drinking. We were excited about tryst and I told him you were way. And after that actual just slipped from my mouth that how you had BIG crush on him”

“WHAT?” Kajal shouted at Kaushtubh, she could not trust what his friend had said.

She got up and walked towards him as he had additionally scrambled development and became walking backwards.

“I didn€™t execrable anything, and I think he wouldn€™t remember it as we were drinking.” Kaustubh managed.

Kajal was pissed no doubt approximately it, how can her friend be so ho hum. She took peerless more stride towards him however she was stopped by Rutesh.

“Calm Down! Hitting him won€™t help much, and may act for he€™s pertinent Karthik won€™t remember you skirt crush on him” Rutesh tried to restful her down but when she became and looked at the college gate where Kaustubh was glancing she may recognize Karhtik and her friends laughing. she tailor-made stood and glared at Rutesh, “So they don€™t know opportune. They are fools to laugh looking at me definite adjacent my ex €“ friend betrayed me.” Kajal said this even though looking at Kaustubh.

“Look, what is the problem, you liked him right. So you guys might have something” Kaustubh was stopped in between by the killer glare of Kajal.

“You think that right, permit me ruminate how about me telling sharaddha about that night you spent” Kajal became also stopped as Kaustubh and took her hands hold his also started begging.

Kajal was and so ablaze at him, she did not want to talk to him also. How may he do that?

She turned again looked at Karthik at the avenue and caught his stare, he smiled at her and waved. She waved back to him.

“Look what€™s the problem? He is good looking, smart and the best part you liked him. So consistent if he knows and desires to go in that direction. donate it a try” Rutesh said when he saw Karthik staring at Kajal. He would no longer blame the guy, Kajal changed into beautiful and if you give her a compliment her reply would be recognize. According to her why should she speak for proud whereas the face which was obsessed to her through god. She had a very whopper again generous heart, but she talked very much. She was after all a canary. He knew people always perception that he changed into attracted to her, he was but for a very brief time. close he knew her well they had turn out best of friends. There were many things he had shared bury her only. He also knew about Smita but to him she was particular for a friend which she was no longer accepting and the pessimal part was that she blamed Kajal for this. He could not settle for it. Smita became too undried whereas hi taste, he liked sensible and mature jail bait like Naina.

“Hey, Kajal how are you? Heard you were coming. So you are back in Mumbai for good?” They all stared at Karthik, who turned into standing in front of them thanks to. He was still the stable Kajal thought. Tall, dark hair besides marvelous with a unhealthy boy looks like Colin Ferral. He knew the effect also of his looks on girls and he used it on every occasion required

“Hi Karthik” Kajal replied to him “Yeah, I am back direction mumbai for good. thence how are you?”

“I am great, befitting saw you so brain wave will come and ask you.” Karthik turned into saying but someone known as him and Kajal was relieved that he was going now.

“I€™ll have to go, see ya around, buy for in touch. adios Rutesh, bye Kaustubh” Karthik waved and left.

“Why was Karthik leaving? You could have requested him to wait” this was from Komal, butterfly had a grizzle on her face which never suited her. She was searching at Kajal for an answer.

“Someone called him and so he had to fling. I couldn€™t ask him to wait, and if you want to talk to him go and call him” Kajal stormed towards the washroom after saying this and behind the her friends have been gossiping about what happened to Kajal.

She knew spring chicken should not have snipped at Komal, but she was too angry they her friends wanted her to try physical out with Karthik. Yeah! virgin had been attracted to him, only attracted. And the attraction was over when missy had seen Sujit, Karthik€™s elder brother. Same height as Karthik, but stunning body and awesome smile. He used to stay notoriety the same building, one look at him and she had forgotten Karthik. They had become friends, she had started sharing everything with him. She had told him things which she would by no means tell anybody. Not Rutesh also, daughter was content to be his friend as sis knew he was treating like a small sister but mademoiselle was sign with it. And then a crisis had come her fogeys had determined to relocate and while distribution this squirrel him she had started crying and he had attempted console her.
No one knew how, but they were in an embrace and after a moment they were kissing. It turned into her first kiss, he was tender besides strong at the matched time. nearest the kiss it had been awkward among them, aside from him being 7 years elder to her he was also married. So how could she go out with Karthik when skirt could still taste and want his elder brother.


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